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2005-11-02 12:47:04
  B&M "Bluebird" GP-9 Custom Run Update

A Happy Halloween indeed.

The preproduction "Bluebird" arrived at my door step and the minor corrections noted from the first prototype have all been resolved. A lot of time and research has gone into getting these units as accurate as possible. Thanks to Cory (and I'm sure, others) at Atlas it looks absolutely marvelous.

Click on the image to see more photos.

I'm going to have to keep myself away from the leftover candy if I want to stand a chance of controlling my anxiety for the next 4-6 weeks waiting for them to get delivered.

2005-06-03 09:27:28
  Custom Run: B&M "Bluebird" GP-9

Northeast N-Scalers is proud to announce our first Custom Run.
Boston & Maine "Bluebird" GP-9 in two road numbers.

The B&M Railroad's GP-9's as delivered color scheme of bright blue, black and white created by president McGinnis's investment in professional design services earned them the nickname "Bluebirds" and symbolized the Boston & Maine for more than a decade.

Click Here for the details of this limited run.         Dealer Information Request

2005-06-02 09:44:16
  Moving right along
  A digital timer has now been added to the Locomotive Add / Edit screen in MU match to make it simpler to time your locos. Check out MU Match in DCC Corner.
2005-04-05 09:44:50
  All Aboard!!!
  The development of the site is fully underway and it is slowly coming together.

I have just finished developing an online application to assist in calculating decoder speed table values in order to speed match locomotives. Check out MU Match in DCC Corner.

I have a mass amount of content that will be posted as quickly as I can get it processed, so be sure to check back on a regular basis.

Scott Fortier