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Welcome to N-Scaler.com

This site was first started in January 2005 with the idea of creating an easy to navigate and usefull online resource for N-Scale modelers. As with most great ideas, things never happen as fast as first envisioned. The site was officialy lauched in April with completion of an online program, called MU Match, that calculates DCC speed table values to aid in speed matching locomotives. In addition to our first piece of software, the site also host a free to use photo gallery for railroading related material.

There is still a lot more in the works, and piece by piece the site is growing and starting to take shape. The current number of visitors to the site per day is well over 100, and the number of hits to the site from photos posted on forums has climbed over 900 in a day. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, problems, or request and thanks for visiting this little plot in cyberspace.

Scott Fortier
What's New:
DCC-Equipped GE 44 Ton Switcher in B&M Red Wing
For anyone who's purchased the undecs to paint up, now is the time to get them up on eBay or paint them in blue. Bachmann has announced the 2nd release of the DCC-Equipped GE 44 Ton Switcher in B&M Red Wing
Bachmann Trains Online

They're available for reservation at Brooklyn Locmotive Works or you favorite dealer.